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A Slice of My Day
A Slice of My Day
If you prefer a shorter session but still want to capture the essence of your home, we can plan something exclusive, limiting the hours. I’m all ears to tailor something that fits your expectations and captures the essence of your family’s unique story.


Family documentary photography is all about capturing the genuine moments and real connections within your family. Often in life, these moments in life go unnoticed as we are involved in it. But given a chance, if your routine was to be captured as it is, you’ll realize how beautiful life is. That’s exactly the experience that I strive to give you. I aim to document the beautiful messiness of everyday life, telling your unique story through unscripted and heartfelt images. Ultimately, it will be something you will want to look back on and feel the ‘forever’ in every picture.
Family documentary sessions are perfect for families who value authenticity and want to preserve the true essence of their relationships. It’s for those who embrace the laughter, the chaos, and even the occasional tantrum as part of their beautiful journey together. If you nod yes to all of the above, then you are in the right place. Leave the rest to me, I shall give you back lifetime memories.
If you’re looking for traditional posed portraits with everyone looking at the camera, a family documentary session might not be the best fit. As I said, if you’re open to embracing the spontaneity of life and creating memories that reflect your family’s true dynamics, then you’re in the right place.
Think of a family documentary session as an investment in preserving your family’s legacy. The memories and emotions captured in these images are truly priceless. I offer customized packages tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific requirements and budget.
When it comes to clothing, there are no hard and fast rules. Feel free to wear anything that makes you and your family feel comfortable and confident. Mix patterns, play with colors, or even wear matching dinosaur onesies if that’s your thing! You are your best when you wear what you like. I’ll take care of the rest.
The best thing you can do is simply be yourselves and enjoy each other’s company. No need to plan elaborate activities. I’ll guide you with some fun prompts and suggestions, but the focus is on capturing your family’s natural interactions. And if you enjoy any activity as a family, we can very well have that in too. So, let’s play, laugh, and create beautiful memories together!
Don’t worry! I have magical lenses and solid cameras that can capture the beauty in any environment, whether it’s a well-lit space or a cozy, cluttered home. Thanks to technology cameras today allow us to bring out such details in low light too. I have the best in my kitty bag. I’ll find the light and angles that will make your family shine. Remember, it’s not about the mess—it’s all about the love and connections within it.
I understand that kids have their own schedules and attention spans. Family documentary sessions are designed to be relaxed and flexible to accommodate your family’s needs. We’ll take breaks when necessary and adapt to your children’s rhythms. The length ensures we have ample time to capture genuine moments without rushing.
That’s the whole idea! Trust me, the magic happens when you let go of any inhibitions and simply be yourselves. The beauty of family documentary photography lies in capturing authentic moments, including messy ones. Tantrums, laughter, and all the genuine emotions in between create a rich tapestry of memories that you’ll treasure. From my experience, it is all about taking the leap of faith and submitting yourself to the moment. I understand and will take care.
I completely understand your concerns. But think of me more as a friend with a camera, rather than a stranger. I’ll take the time to get to know your family, connect with your kids, and build a rapport. I mean this before the shoot, over FaceTime calls to see and know each other better. At the time of the shoot, you’ll forget I’m there, and I’ll be a trusted, invisible collector of your beautiful moments.
I have a third eye for capturing the most meaningful moments. I observe and anticipate, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. But don’t worry—I won’t be intrusive or interrupt the natural flow of your family’s activities. You can trust me to capture the authentic moments that matter most. That is the whole idea.
Unlike us adults, kids have an amazing ability to be in the moment and forget about the camera. I blend into the background, becoming a friendly observer. The idea is to allow them to be themselves while I capture their genuine expressions and interactions. It is just a matter of time. We’ll find the rhythm.
I love photographing activities that bring out your family’s unique personality and interests. Anything from baking cookies together to playing in the park can create beautiful memories. While some activities might not lend themselves well to photography (like deep cleaning the house), I’m open to capturing whatever is special and meaningful to you. It all depends on your comfort zone. The exact answer to this question is on me to derive from the conversations we have. Leave that to me.
Absolutely! I love including furry family members in the mix. They add a touch of chaos and a whole lot of love to the photos. Just let me know in advance, so I can prepare some extra treats for our four-legged models!
I know you’re eager to see the magic captured! After the session, I embark on a meticulous editing process to bring out the best in every photo. You can expect to receive your beautifully curated gallery in one month’s time from the date of the shoot. Trust me; it’s worth the wait!
Ah, the joy of holding your memories in your hands, making your heart skip a beat each time you flip through them. We can definitely discuss this during our conversation.
Life is unpredictable, and I understand that sometimes plans may change. If you need to cancel or reschedule your photography session, please notify me as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements. In the case of cancellation, any non-refundable retainer or booking fee paid will be retained. However, if you provide sufficient notice and we are able to reschedule the session within a reasonable timeframe, the retainer or booking fee can be applied toward the new session date. I strive to be flexible and understanding, and I will work with you to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Please note that rescheduling is subject to availability, so it’s best to contact me as early as possible to discuss any changes to your session.